5 types of motorcycle riders and what they wear

When it comes to bike riding, there is something for everyone. Be it the road less traveled, the never-ending highways or the barren peaks of the high hills, chasing the wind is every biker’s solace. That being said, the kind of riding jacket a biker wears says a lot about personality.

Here are 5 different types of motorcycle riders and an entertaining perspective of what they wear.

1. The Garage Guy

This motorcyclist is not just a biker, but also a mechanic who enjoys taking the bike apart and putting it back together. The love for the bike goes beyond just the joy of riding it. A true relationship with the motorcycle is built where nothing is missed and every tiny detail, valuable. Each project is a work of art, with more to come along the way.

Choice of Jacket: None, when in the garage — casual T-shirts and Overalls with grease on them. Classic riding jacket with helmet and gloves when on the road.

2. The Speed Chaser

The only thing that is in this biker’s mind is Speed! The faster, the better. They usually own sports bikes and can be seen hitting the track with power and throttle. These riders are not just fast, but also become occasional stunt masters that awe many and scare some.

Choice of Jacket: Aerodynamic jackets for speed with mesh fabric to enable airflow. Since these jackets are primarily to protect the wearer, they are equipped with removable armour pads to protect the shoulder, elbow, and back.

3. The Spirited Rider

For this motorcyclist, a bike ride is more than just discovering new roads or reaching the destination. It is an experience, with memories that remain forever. This biker can stay on the road for days together just enjoying the journey, having an adventure of a lifetime.

Choice of Jacket: Highly durable jackets that are usually waterproof with removable armour pads to protect the back and shoulders. Will be good to have a body warmer, lots of flaps and zips and mesh-like fabric for airflow. Reflectors for night travel is an added advantage.

4. The Cruiser

This biker loves a relaxed ride through the countryside with the wind in his/her hair, the trees on both sides and the endless roads up ahead. For them, there is no better place on earth and it’s here that they truly feel one with the road.

Choice of Jacket: Black leather jacket, with a half-helmet and rugged boots.

5. The Label Magnet

All this motorcyclist cares about is ‘Brand’. Be it the accessories, gear or the machine itself, to this biker, everything revolves around its brand value. There is no compromise when it comes to choosing the bike and gadgets that it comes with. To make a statement is all that matters.

Choice of Jacket: The right brand with the best gear in town.

While your personality defines your gear, there are a few things you should consider before buying a jacket. Besides one that suits your riding style make sure it’s crafted with high-quality material. Also, make sure it comes with breathable mesh material and armour for those long rides. A fan of night travel? Reflectors will be a blessing.

So, which one suits you best?

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